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How To - Delete a Bill

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You may need to delete bills that were entered in error, or that are the wrong type (for example, you created a revenue bill when you meant to create a memo bill).

You cannot delete bills that have been processed; you would need to void or rebill those.


From the Create Revenue Bills screen, or the Create Memo Bills screen, highlight the bill you want to delete.

Note: You must start from the Create Memo Bills screen to delete memo bills. You can delete revenue bills from either screen.

Tip: You can change the sort order or set the filter to more easily find the bill you want to delete.

Click the delete button or Press F5.

The prompt ``Delete this item? (Y/N)'' is displayed.

Verify that you selected the correct bill, then do one of the following:

If you're sure you want to delete the bill, click Yes or press Y. The bill is deleted.
If you selected the wrong bill, type N. The bill is not deleted.

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