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What's New In Horizon

Horizon/SQL makes it faster and easier to complete complex tasks.

New Dispatch Features

When you right-mouse click in the Dispatch screen, there are new options on the context menu that directly reflect what is available.

1. LTL Manifesting. 
Right-click on a shipment in the Dispatch screen and you can :
Add to a manifest
Remove from a manifest
Build a manifest

You can learn more about these new tools here.
Creating LTL Manifests
Removing and Splitting Manifests

Manifest Planner

LTL Support in Quick Dispatch

Quick Dispatch
Supports LTL Manifests.
Checkcall on Assignment
Unrefuse Shipments

General Features
New Outlook-style User interface for Master Files, codes and more

Tracer for Settlements information now shows settlement sheet date.

Revised Features

The option to create user-defined sort orders has been removed from Horizon/SQL. Custom sort orders are still supported but must be set up by MTI. You can sort any list in Horizon/SQL simply by clicking on the column header in a report.

(Last Updated: 1/5/2008)

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