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Standard Horizon Hot Keys

In order to save time for the user, Horizon uses Toolbars, Menus, Function Keys, and Short Cut Keys. The application Toolbar is located at the top of the screen just below the menu.

Function keys are located either across the top of your keyboard or to the left of the alphabet portion of your keyboard.

Some hot keys operate differently depending on the window you are using. Function Keys (F1 - F12) require that you press the key. Others require the use of two keys (i. e. Ctrl-C). To use this kind of hot key, you would hold down the Ctrl key (located just below the shift key) and then press the (C) key. This type of hot key (also known as a shortcut) is used when you see any letters on a menu or button that are underlined. An example of this is the  button which can be activated by holding down the Alt key and then pressing the S key.

The use of these keys are the same throughout all Horizon Applications. Both are optional: a list of the function keys and their uses are displayed below.

F1 - Help

Use this key to access the on line help for information about the the software you are currently using. For example, if you are using the Book a Shipment feature of Dispatch and can't remember all the steps, press F1 and search for the Booking a Shipment in the on line help file, here you will find the appropriate steps to follow for that task.

F2 - look-up

This key is also called the "Pick list" key. It is helpful to use this key if you do not want to type a code or cannot remember a specific code you wish to enter in a field. Whenever it is necessary to enter a code from your data files and you would like to see a list to choose from, make sure the field that you need the code for has the cursor in it and press F2 to see an on-screen list. 

For example, if your master files are already built and you are booking a load, you may use F2 to retrieve the shipper code if the cursor is in the Shipper field. 
A list including the Customer numbers (codes) and names, is displayed on the screen.
You may scroll through the list, type the first few characters of the Customer number (code) until the code you are seeking is highlighted. 

  • To retrieve the Customer code, press . The system returns to the previous screen and the Customer code you highlighted appears in the Customer field field.
  • To cancel and close the screen, Press 

    To be more specific in your search, type the first character or characters of the code before you press F2 . The Master File list will be displayed beginning with the letter(s) or number(s) you specified. If the code you entered does not exist you will be prompted "The customer code was not found.Select an option:". Do one of the following.

  • To add a new customer, select Yes. The customer Maintenance screen is displayed. Fill in the appropriate information, select  button to save the new shipper. The new shipper information will be filled in the shipper field of the book shipment screen.
  • To cancel and close this screen without saving changes. select .

Note: To retrieve the entire list to search from, you must leave the field blank before hitting F2. Remember, F2 works for any Master File list. There are many places throughout MTI's software that allow you to use F2. If the function is not available, the key fails to work.

Hint: If you forget any of the shortcut keys, most of the hot keys are listed beside the option on the menu.

F3 HotKey

F3 may be used for both Create New entry when looking at lists in the master files

F3 is also used for doing a Carrier Lookup when in the QuickDispatch and Assignment screens in Dispatch.

F4 is used to Edit an existing entry in most entry screens, such as Master Files.

F5 is used to Delete the currently highlighted entry in most entry screens, such as Master Files or Rate Codes.

Last Updated: 5/10/2006
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