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Sorting and Filtering Lists

When looking at a list in Horizon, you may find it too big or too time-consuming to page-up and page-down through the list.

Horizon provides a number of useful tools for working with lists.

1. Change the Sort Order.
You can change the sort order of the list by clicking on the Column Header. When the sort order has been changed that way, the Column Header will appear in bold.

Many lists in Horizon (such as Master Files, Codes and the Dispatch screen) will display a drop-down for Sorts. You can change the sort order by selecting the desired sort order directly from the list.

Once you have changed the Sort order, you can use the typo-matic search to search for the values you want to see.

2. Filter the values.

There may be times when you only want to look at selected items in a list. For example, if you are looking at customers, you may want only want to see those customers in a particular state. There are a few ways of doing this with Horizon:

a. AutoFilter
AutoFilter is a button that appears on the Horizon toolbar everytime a list is open.

When you click the button, Horizon will only show you items in the list that match the column where your cursor currently is. For example, in the above screen, the user's cursor is in the State column for KS or Kansas. By clicking AutoFilter, only customers in KS will be displayed.

b. Power Filter

Power Filter is a drop-down that is accessible on the toolbar at any time. When a list is visible, you can pull down the drop-down and see all of the filters available for that particular list.

To select a filter, select it from the list and it will immediately apply.

Some filters will prompt for additional information. For example, if you asked to see shipments in a given state, it will prompt for the state as shown below.

Last Updated: 5/10/2006
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