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All Horizon Applications support the concept of Services.

Services are application add-ons that run at different times when using the application. The times when they run depend on the type of services supported by the application. An application can implement its own "type" of services to perform. All MTI applications support the GENERAL service. A General service is called every 5 seconds when the application is running. An example of a General Service might be a CheckCall monitor that looks for late shipments by monitoring driver checkcalls. The CheckCall monitor is invisible to the user but performs various actions even while the user is actively using the system.

Note: If your system is not optimally configured, you may experience sluggish performance when using MTI Applications. Since Services are usually run on every machine, you can disable running services on your computer under User Options.

Common Services
The following services are considered generic services and are available in all Horizon modules:

Form Validation. Form Validation allows a company to define and enforce business rules during standard business operations.

Import/Export. If you need to Import and Export files from Horizon using Microsoft Excel, this service can help. It provides easy access to create Excel spreadsheet files from the individual tables within Horizon. You may not create combined files (such as combining Invoices with Details) using this service. It is primarily used for setting up or changing Horizon files in a bulk manner.

Horizon Dispatch has the bulk of services available for it, although other applications in the Horizon family are catching up. Dispatch Services generally include tools to make planning and dispatching more efficient for specific environments.

Services included with Horizon Dispatch:
Checkcall History
Custom Booking
Driver Equipment Reports
Driver Hours
Driver Pay
Driver Advances
Driver Relay
Form Validation
Manifest Planner
Personalized Settings
Purchase Orders
Quick Load Assignment
Quick Dispatch
Refuse Shipments
Send Directions
Truckload Rate Inquiry

Other Available Services for Horizon Dispatch:
Shipment Broker
Load Capacity/MultiProduct
Multi Shipper

Setting Up Services

To set up a Service, select Services from the Tools menu. If you select Manage services, you will see a list of all currently installed services. If you have a menu appearing, then you may select the desired service from the menu and configure it appropriately.

Last Updated: 8/15/2006
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