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Error - Assignment Screen is Blank

This is seen when customer opens assignment screen and it comes up without any data in it.


This is typically caused by bad file indexing and\or bad assignment files


Have everyone get out of Dispatch and in File Maintenance, Rebuild Dispatch Assignments. Test to make sure you can see data in the Assignments screen.  If you can see data now you can have everyone get back into Dispatch.

If you still do not see data, you will need to go back into File Maintenance and Reindex Master Files, Reindex Dispatch Files, then Rebuild Dispatch Assignments again.  Test again.  You should now see data and everyone may return to Dispatch.  If for some reason you still do not see data, please come to Live Help as soon as possible.

You can also correct individual assignments without having users exit Horizon.  Go to Tools, File Maintenance, Clear Assignment.  Select the resource that you want to clear.  Enter the code for the resource, or hit F2 and select from the list.  Click the OK button and the Assignment will be cleared.  A notification will be made of the assignment changes.  You should run Clear Assignment for each resource that is on that particular assignment; for example, Driver, Tractor, Trailer and Manifest).
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