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How To - Correct Payments Posted in Error

Objective: Correct a payment that has been posted in error.

Prerequisites: N/A

Refer To: N/A


  1. On the top menu bar select BILLING.
  3. On the "Receipts/Credits/Voids/Adj" screen find and click on the Invoice that has the incorrect posting.
  4. Once the invoice is highlighted, press ENTER.
  5. In the amount field enter a MINUS SIGN before the dollar amount.  
  6. For example, if you  posted a $500 payment in error, key in -500.00 in amount.  This will "reverse" the incorrect posting.
  7. You can now post the correct amount or post payment to the correct pro.

If the pro has already moved to history and you can not find it under "Receipts/Credits/Voids/Adj.", then:
  1. Go to BILLING on the menu bar.
  2. Click on BILLING INQUIRY.
  3. Select 1. REVIEW INVOICES, once highlighted click on the SELECT option.
  4. Press F3, this will allow you to toggle your screen between the Review Current Invoices and Review History Invoices. You can also perform this from the menu bar by clicking on Actions and selectiing Switch to Current/History.
  5. While on the Review History Invoices screen, select the invoice then press the CTRL and F9 keys simutaneously OR click on Actions from the menu bar and select MOVE TO CURRENT.

Now you can post a negative payment, as detailed above.
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