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Install - EDI Desktop Notifier (DNP)

Note: Needs to be done on the PC of whomever needs or wants it, while they are logged in with their normal network login.

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  1. Make sure the customer has saved all work
  2. Close all open programs.
  3. Go to the \edidata subfolder
  4. Run notifysetup.exe (next, next, install, finish)
  5. Reboot the PC

Additional Notes:

The EXE installs a very small program on the workstation itself AND puts a shortcut for it into the Windows Startup folder (so that it will start on every boot up).  The workstation component automatically gets installed to:
C:\program files\Melton Technologies\EDI\Notify\  or Program files(x86) on a 64bit OS.

The setup exe also adds a new line into \edidata\edialert.ini, in the [notify_users] block for the Network user ID that was logged into that workstation when the setup was run.  So if you ran the one from our network on your work PC, there would be a new entry of mford=1 in the INI file on our network EDI install.

On boot up, edinotify.exe will run from the shortcut in the Windows Startup folder, and will be visible as a System Tray Icon that looks like a globe with a magnifying glass.  Hovering over the icon will show a tooltip.  If all is well, the text of the tooltip is: EDI Alert - Running.

Clicking on the System tray icon does two (2) things:  1. It IMMEDIATLY STOPS the pickup of new messages; and 2., it brings up a menu.

For individual workstation settings configuration, choose Settings, which will bring up a UI where those settings that are configurable can be adjusted.

NOTE:  The Timer will have to be restarted (from the system tray menu) in order for the service to begin picking up new notifications.
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