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How To - See who booked a dispatch load from Unprocessed Pros

Objective: See in the unprocessed pros screen who booked the load in dispatch

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When a bill is copied from Dispatch to Billing, there may be mistakes on it. It is useful for the billing clerk to see who originally created the load in Dispatch. This procedure explains how to add a column into the Customizer that looks up this information in the Shipment file.


  1. Go to the Customizer in Billing.
  2. Go to Unprocessed Pros.
  3. Click Contents
  4. On the right side of the screen choose to Add a new column.
  5. Enter the Heading "Booked By"
  6. Set the expression to the following:

IIF(EMPTY(manifest), "", LKUP("M0DISHIPF","MANIFEST",manifest,"dispatcher","","","","DIDATA\DISHIP"))

  1. Click Apply
  2. Close Customizer
  3. Close\Re-open Billing

Now when you go to Unprocessed Pros, the last column should show you who booked each load.
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