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How To - Rebill an Invoice

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When you find that a processed invoice is wrong, you can rebill the invoice and correct it. Rebilling takes the invoice out of the current receivables and makes it unprocessed.
You can then edit the bill and reprocess it.

Until the invoice is processed again, it is not included in the customer's A/R balance.


From the Receipts/Credits/Voids/Adj screen, highlight the invoice you want to rebill, and click the Rebill button on the toolbar.

If the invoice is part of a group, the prompt ``Rebill Group or Invoice” is displayed. You can select G to rebill the entire group or I to rebill only the invoice that you had highlighted.

If the invoice is not part of a group, the prompt ``Do you want to rebill Invoice Number xxxxx'' is displayed.

Verify that you've selected the correct invoice and select Yes.

The Enter Date of Rebill field is displayed.

Change the rebill date if necessary, then press .

The rebill date is used to track the rebilling history in the Rebilled Invoice Log.

The invoice is rebilled and the message ``Invoice <xxxxx> has been rebilled and put back in Unprocessed'' is displayed.

Press any key.

The list of invoices is redisplayed. The invoice you rebilled is no longer displayed.

When you rebill grouped invoices, all invoices are removed from the group and then rebilled. NOTE: You cannot rebill a group if any invoice in the group has payments or adjustments applied to it. You must first reverse payments and adjustment applied to the invoice.

Viewing the Auto Bill/Rebill Log

The Rebill Log provides an audit trail of all rebilled invoices. The Auto Bill log provides an audit trail of all invoices that were billed automatically when transferred from Dispatch.

From the View Menu, select Auto Bill/Rebill Logs.

The Auto Billing Logs dialog is displayed.

In the Report to Output field, do one of the following:
  1. For a list of rebills only, type R.
  2. For a list of automatic billings and rebills, type A.
  3. Complete the remaining option grid fields to select the invoices you want to list and click OK.
  4. Rebilled invoices are also listed on the Adjustments and Voids reports.

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