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General Interface Guidelines

All Horizon Applications use a common interface to make it easier to learn and work with. It is important to read this section first to ensure the most efficient use of the software.
  • In all the screens, there is a toolbar just below the menu, these buttons have certain functions, opening screens, adding windows,etc and help speed up the use of the application. They also have tips associated with them. If you are unsure of what a button on the toolbar is used for. Move the mouse pointer over the button wait a second, a message will be displayed with the name and a short cut key if one exists.

  • When a screen is opened, the name of the screen appears on the menu. This menu contains most of the options available to users in this screen. If some or all of the options are grayed out, you may have to put the focus of the cursor in one of the windows on the screen. If these options are still grayed out they are not available at this point. When a menu command is followed by an ellipsis(...) selecting it opens a dialog box. Dialog boxes are windows that appear on the screen to ask for information or to seek confirmation of a requested command. In addition to the standard menus on the menu bar, Horizon software contains shortcut menus that may be accessed by clicking the right mouse button. Shortcut menus contain commonly used commands and are typically context sensitive. Therefore, the options available on the shortcut menu vary, depending on the object or field selected.

    Example: In the Dispatch screen, the Dispatch menu is present.

  • In most screens, a user can access a pop-up Action menu of options available to the them in a window by clicking on the right mouse button when the mouse is over a field or column.

Common Controls

Some fields in a Horizon application that you may be required to fill in are called check boxes and look like this . Most of the time they represent a value of yes or no. No, being unchecked as previously seen and yes being checked . To change the value of the check box you can use the mouse and click on the field or hit Enter, if the field has focus and the value will change and the focus will move to the next field.

Another type of field is the drop down list, 
To display the list for this field, click on the  button of the drop down list. The list is displayed. Then click on the item in the list that you would to select, your choice is displayed. 

Last Updated: 8/15/2006
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